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Join the Blue House Affiliate Program and start earning commissions from one of widely hotels, resorts and golf courses. Blue House Travel is fully provided hotels, resorts and golf courses which is a great way to complement or expand your web site's product and service offerings or to turn your web site into a site that sells. It's easy, we'll process the reservation, take care all enquiries from customers, handle the customer service in every step until the success on departure date.
Blue House Travel Affiliate Program has operated a websites url: www.affgrid.com.
  • Choose from a selection of affgrid.com links to suit your web site' theme.
  • Add affgrid.com links to your web site.
  • Almost every booking generated from your web site earns you money based on commission rate for that product.
Please read through the Blue House Travel Affiliate Program Operating Agreement and complete our online application form. Once your application has been submitted for approval, we will email you with your application status within five business days. Upon acceptance into Blue House Travel’s Affiliate Program, we will provide you with additional information including links to access Blue House Travel library of graphics, banners and text links.
Blue House Travel will be working with a limited number of high quality sites. We reserve the right to refuse any site that does not meet our quality and content standards set forth in Blue House Travel Affiliate Program Operating Agreement. A minimal requirement is that your URL must be functional. In addition, your Web site must have a top level domain, and it may not be under construction.
Yes. In this case, your earned commissions will go to support your nonprofit organization or cause. When submitting the application, please supply us with your not-for-profit tax identification.
Yes, any sites in English are eligible to participate in the Blue House Travel Affiliate Program.

Affiliates can earn up to 60% of net profit based on Blue House Travel’s tiered commission structure!

The following scale shall be used to calculate the affiliate commission percentage in the absence of a Custom affiliate commission percentage. These rates take effect from 1st of November 2005 and will apply to booking departures recorded after this date.

  • Number of Departures

  • 1- 30 = 40%
  • 31-59 = 42%
  • 60-99 = 45%
  • 100-199 = 50%
  • 200+ = 60%

Partners will be sent payment by wire transfer by the 10th of the month. If the Affiliate Partners requests payment by International Money Transfer, they will be liable for bank charged levied on this transaction. This charge will be deducted on the amount paid.

Affiliate Partners may have payment held over for up to three months to avoid excessive back charges. Minimum payment amount is set at USD100.

All products and service available at affgrid.com are eligible for commission. When customers referred by your web site reserve any of these products and service, you earn a commission.

Just add the links to affgrid.com on your web site(s) and keep updating them and we'll look after the rest for you!

We offer online reports at www.affgrid.com that are updated daily. These reports provide an array of information, including the number of customers that linked to affgrid.com (if any) from your web site and your earned commissions.

We need to check your website whether it is existed or not. We will contact you within 24 hours. You cannot log in to Affiliate Program till you receive username and password confirmation email from us.

We need to check your website whether it is existed or not. You can see the new website(s) after we activated your account within 24 hours. You will receive an email to confirm your actived username and password from us.

You will not be allowed to delete your website by yourselft. Please contact us by email by clik here contact us and tell us which website you would like to delete. We will let you know when the website(s) deleted.

You will not be allowed to change username and password by yourself. Please contact us by email by click here contact us. Just tell your current username and password as well as your new username and password you would like to change to. We will contact you back to confirm your new username and password as requested within 24 hours.

There are a lot of cases about this meaning. ie;

  • (a) "The page cannot be displayed" When we open your website. You need to make sure your have registered domain name and web hosting.
  • (b) Your website is expired.
  • (c) Website source code error.
  • (d) It is redirect to the other website (Diffferent name from the website that your registered).
  • (e) Google report something bad happened on your website.
  • Etc.

You need to ensure your website is legal and existed for account activate.

If you do not receive any email from "Affiliate Program"

  • (a) Please check all of your email inboxes including Spam boxes. Sometimes automatically generated emails can be flagged as Spam.
  • (b) You may enter the wrong email (spelling wrong). Please contact us, Click here to contact us.

For further questions, please contact us at [email protected]